Welcome to Carduus Ltd

I am Brenda Etchells and I set up Carduus in February 2019 to provide Strategic Planning Consultancy and Facilitation services to companies across the U.K.

An experienced MBA professional, my background spans three decades and many disciplines, including marketing, product development, business intelligence, corporate planning and all aspects of the strategic planning process.

My husband Mike Etchells has now joined me as a Director of Carduus Ltd. Mike is an experienced Management Accountant and a whizz on anything to do with numbers. This means we can provide Financial Planning support to business owners, to complement the Strategic Planning.

We offer a wide range of strategic planning services on either a day rate basis or short term contracts including an audit of your current planning process and recommending changes where required.

Brenda Etchells


Get the most out of your meetings and workshops by having them professionally facilitated, leaving all your colleagues free to fully contribute. I will work with you to prepare the agenda, discuss key decisions required and will write up all the output.

Strategic Tools

I can bring the experience of using a range of tools to help you develop and communicate strategies. These can be used in conjunction with workshops or as stand-alone pieces of work with key members of your organisation.


I can help you develop suites of KPIs and balanced scorecards for both strategic level reporting and also operational level reporting across your business.


Ensure all your colleagues and stakeholders are fully engaged with your company’s strategy through effective communications and regular updates. I can work with you to develop a range of materials from a simple ‘Plan on a Page’ through to regulatory reporting.


To ensure all colleagues are pulling in the same direction I can work with your senior leaders to ensure their functional planning and any change agenda is fully aligned to the strategy.


If you need additional support with your strategic planning I can be available for short term contracts and/or commit to several days a month with your company.

You can contact us on 07702 617908 or email Brenda.etchells@carduusltd.co.uk

If you are a small business owner or a start-up then I also offer one-to-one planning sessions and business mentoring – check out my website https://brendaetchells.co.uk/ for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Brenda and Mike

P.S. If you wondering what my company name means – well, ‘carduus’ is the latin word for ‘thistle’. I am a Scots lass and wanted my company name to reflect my heritage, which I am deeply proud of.

I am really looking forward to meeting potential new clients and chatting about how we can work together and establish a long term relationship with you and your business.

Brenda Etchells

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