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I am Brenda Etchells and I am passionate about facilitating really great strategic discussions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  Whilst my background is in the corporate world’  the skills, tools and techniques I use are transferable to any business.  One of my key values is to make strategy simple.

An experienced MBA professional, my background spans three decades and many disciplines, including marketing, product development, business intelligence, corporate planning and all aspects of the strategic planning process. I have been privileged to be involved in large strategic programmes such as mergers and transformation projects.

I have worked for both the Royal Bank of Scotland and Yorkshire Building Society. Whilst financial services has been my dominant industry I am also a long-standing governor of a large high school and a trustee of a mental health charity. I do believe that as a strong facilitator I can be an asset to any organisation in any industry.

So, you may be wondering what my company name means – well, ‘carduus’ is the latin word for ‘thistle’. I am a Scots lass and wanted my company name to reflect my heritage, which I am deeply proud of.

I have now lived in Leeds for 23 years and my life is firmly established here and would love to meet and work with local businesses – large and small. So, if you are planning a strategy event or require help with any other aspect of the strategy process please get in touch to see how I can be of value.

I also work in collaboration with The Northern Affinity and have access to a range of experts I can partner with to support your business and it’s strategic development.

Brenda Etchells

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Brenda Etchells

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