One week to go

April 5, 2019 by in General

Well,  after almost 30 years of being employed in the financial services sector,  I leave in one week’s time.  I have had an amazing career across many disciplines – marketing, product development, business intelligence, corporate planning and strategy.  I have worked for some amazing bosses too (and some not so amazing), learning from the best.  Now it is time to go solo……..out there in the big bad world on my own.  Although in reality I know I won’t be alone.  I am lucky to have built up a  network of mentors, coaches and ex-colleagues as well as the support of my family and friends.  And I am really excited about building new networks of like-minded professionals.  So, I am looking forward to making connections – new and old – as I take the first steps in self employment ……in one week’s time. 

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