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Strategy, Storytelling and Samosas

Thursday 26 September    Aagrah Restaurant St Peter’s Square, Quarry Hill, Leeds LS9 8AH I am holding an event at the Aagrah in Leeds on 26 September for local business owners and SMEs.   There will be two workshops on the day: WORKSHOP 1:  STRATEGY MADE SIMPLE Every business needs a strategy.  In this session Brenda will […]

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Is your strategy the right strategy?

Is your strategy the right strategy? As a Strategic Planning professional I have been reading, with interest, this book based on BCGs ‘The Strategy Palette’ which challenges the classical approach to strategic planning – Analyse, Plan, Execute.  (yes, it was a sunny day!!) Having spent many years rigorously implementing and following a classical approach in […]

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What is Strategic Planning?

What is Strategic Planning? When I tell people what I do their first reaction is to look confused, then ask “What is strategic planning”? So, let’s explore that question… Before I give you my take on it I googled it.  This was the top answer: Strategic planning is an organizational management activity that is used […]