Traditional Strategic Planning Workshops

The following workshops all use established planning tools to facilitate discussion at a strategic level. They can be delivered as stand-alone sessions or combined as required.

  • Strategy made Simple 2 hours
  • Every business needs a strategy. In this session you will learn how to simplify strategy into 5 key questions and demonstrate some tools and templates to help you develop your strategic thinking.

  • Strategy Foundations 2 Hours
  • Using the basic planning tools of PEST and SWOT ensure you know your environment and how it could impact on your business. What are the capabilities in your business to address these impacts and where are the gaps?

  • The Right Strategy? 2 Hours
  • Using BCGs strategy palette ensure your business has the right strategy for its environment. We will look at how predictable your industry’s environment is and how malleable it is – can you disrupt it? These factors will determine the optimum strategy for your business.

  • Value Creation 2 Hours
  • Enhance understanding of your customers’ needs, analysing their pain points. Then using the four actions framework evaluate where your business could generate more value and where it needs to eliminate non-value adding activities.

  • Organisation Alignment 2 Hours
  • Using Galbraith’s star model ensure your business is connected and aligned to successfully shape the decisions and behaviours to drive the strategic direction: Strategy, Structure, Processes, Rewards, and People.

  • Business Model Canvas 3.5 Hours
  • Document your existing business model and the desired target state(s). What changes are required to move to the target state? What will be the impact on the drivers of revenue and costs?

  • Engaging through Storytelling 1.5 Hours
  • Engage your colleagues and stakeholders using storytelling techniques to deliver your key strategic messages.

  • Front Line Insight Half or Full Day Special
  • Your front-line colleagues are in the privileged position of having valuable insight that is often untapped. Let them share their stories and ideas in a safe environment, using a variety of tools to shape their views.

Strategy Game Workshops

The following workshops all use ‘games’ to stimulate strategic thinking. Each is a half day session – or combine two for a full day event.

  • Disruptive Threats 3.5 Hours
  • Put yourself in the shoes of a disruptor – how could your current business model be threatened? What do you need to do to react to these threats? If you were starting your business from scratch what would it look like and what unnecessary complexity would you strip out?

  • Customer Focus 3.5 Hours
  • Put yourself inside the heads of your customers – what are their desires, worries and frustrations. What are the needs in their lives that your business addresses? What would their ideal experience look like?

  • Strategic Direction 3.5 Hours
  • Re-think your strategic direction by inverting your current business model – this really stretches your thinking. The exercises will confirm the foundations of your current business model as well as generate ideas that may be worth further consideration.